Communicating your Idea

From the end of the first lesson that we had for our course, we were informed that for the next lesson we were to form groups and wait to be assigned companies that we would later observe in the Kingston Town Centre. Forming the group was easy and we easily communicated to each other when we were going to meet up and when we were assigned our company we knew what we had to do. The company that we were assigned was Argos. 

On the day we met up and while one of the group stood outside to note down the types of people that entered the store the others went inside to practically experience the service process to identify the cognitive, emotional and physical needs as a customer, and to what issues arise. Afterwards we took what we had gained from that experience and then we went to identifying what were the 3 types of individual in a business. 

The conclusion we came to was that the 3 types involved in the business was the customer, Argos and the community. Through the observation of Argos we were then able to conference ideas on the other areas that being the community, objects, roles & skills and rules & laws, through the framework that we had been given.

This is what we came up with in terms of identifying the 3 key elements of a business.

 For a various number of issues and problems we did find solutions when the customer’s journey in Argos was being drawn up. An example could be when a customer enters a store and realizes at the self-service that the product they wish to purchase is not in stock. What could happen is that they could be provided with more information when the product is likely to comeback in stock and also, the stock levels for other local branches. So there is no need to queue up and speak to someone at customer services.

The current customer journey at Argos




The improved customer journey at Argos




The key skills which I think that I have learnt which would be helpful in starting a business, is that through observation we are able to better identify the 3 element involved in a business. In addition by going through the journey process identification of the cognitive, emotional and physical needs can be made. This identification can enhance the customer experience and improve through feedback and then adjusting it appropriately as so to show that their needs are being met.   

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