Experimentation Design (Toothbrush Day)

This was a new subject area we were starting and before we went to the lesson we had been asked to bring our toothbrush and if possible some toothpaste. But when we got to the lecture we were told this is to do with prototyping. In my opinion it did not seem that odd what we have been told to bring in.

And for the beginning of the lecture we were told to pair up and show are partner how we brushed our teeth in the morning. This again I did not find uncomfortable and responded well by showing how I brushed my teeth in the mornings and them doing the same. The class then came together to discuss how others brushed their teeth and identified within this the cognitive, physical and emotional needs to it. This was help by Corrine showing us adverts that responded to these needs as well as identifying who had brought their toothbrush with them or not, this lead to the topic of prototyping.

After showing us the adverts that where about various types of new tooth brush designs Corrine ask us still with our partners to prototype a new toothbrush that meets the 3 needs of a customer which may or may not have been encountered with a standard toothbrush. This is the result below:

This new toothbrush that my partner designed allows for greater flexibility and allows for easier hand movements, because as it is attached to the hand it means that the movements are more rounded and unrestricted. In addition through area for improvement means that the actual brush is not secure, the ability of not clenching your fists to brush means that no physical strain is put on your hands allowing for a more relaxed brushing experience.

After the class showed some of the results that had taken place from the task set, Corrine then challenge us for one last task that was to make a gun out of whatever we had on us, this was to teach us that in prototyping it is about using your imagination and not a defined norm that we should stand by.

From this lesson I then was interested in the idea of the toothbrush and decided to research how international companies like Colgate perceive the toothbrush http://colgatereport.wordpress.comScrubbing clean Colgate’s toothbrush design’. This looked at the redesign of a new toothbrush looking at the package it comes in, to the history of the toothbrush itself as well as the issues that arise from modifying a toothbrush.


This led me to the think of changing the toothbrush itself http://www.coated.com/new-solar-toothbrush-prototype-requires-no-toothpaste-0907201011/ what this new prototype the creator identifies that there are loads of different kinds of toothpaste and that people are looking towards more environmentally type products to better the planet as well as saves them money this seems like an ideal solution.


But that was changing the toothbrush design but if there is no problem then what else could be a problem when brushing your teeth maybe it is where we put our toothbrush and maybe that need to change as well.


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