Innovation and Feasibility

For the beginning of the lecture Corrine talked about a blog that she had found on the internet by Dan Pink. Dan presented a problem of French people smoking on trains a gave examples of how other cultures deal with smoking in public places, based on the previous lecture on prototyping Corrine told us to use our imagination on thinking up ideas in which this situation could be remedied, while remembering to keep in mind the user triangle that we had been taught. There were a variety of imaginative solutions to the problem including their own smoking train and a drop down balloon to smoke in.

After that task Corrine introduces us to Diego Rodriguez “21 Innovation Principles”  in developing a business this is linked in with our up-and-coming assesment in terms of creating a idea and seeing whether it is feasible. What corrine did is that she told us to get into groups to which end she would then assign a principle in which we would have to present to the front of the class. Our group was assigned that principles:

ñ 12: Instead of managing, try cultivating

ñ 13: Do everything right, and you’ll still fail

Principle 12

This states that instead of organizing and managing staff you should instead try to encourage and motivate, and help staff try to better themselves and grow into a more diverse and imaginative staff who can better help and communicate problems more easily.

Principle 13

This states that no matter how correct you do something there maybe an inevitability that something you do will lead to failure, but it is how you deal with it.

But the problem that I found was that the site that Corrine gave us was very detailed, but it was this detail that I found off putting and I found it hard to understand what the principles where. What I then did was research websites which simplified the “21 Principles” which I found as this site:

Afterwards I then researched the principles that I was assigned to in the lecture in more detail and found some interesting sites:

This blog talks about the same principle as Diego Rodriguez’s principle but more in terms of cultivating a more team based relationship rather than certain employee’s

This I found interesting as based on the principle number 13 as it incorporates what we do in lectures of other people providing their opinion to improve the answer or to give a different perspective on the topic at hand

Also this incorporates a more real life perspective of the principle number 13 in terms of  entrepreneurs and revenue in advertising

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