Marketing, Design & Branding

For this lecture Corrine noticed that the front of the room that we were in was more awake than the back so she decided to ask us to swap side’s so that front went to the back and the back went to the front this was so she could better interact with those who were falling asleep. After everyone was settled she then asked us were we came from and people gave various places she then asked us to take out a piece of paper and with the place that we come from draw one picture that represents it. From that various pictures were drawn in which the students thought represented their country.


Afterwards Corrine told that symbols and images are a form of branding and that before we could brand our product that we first needed to understand the marketing basics. Marketing is divided into Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. She first started with segmentation and the various forms and how it linked in with our earlier lecture in creating a persona ‘Girl Effect’, and how this is interlinked in with Psychographic and Behavioral to create the persona or in marketing terminology and Profile.


Corrine then moved on to the marketing of the product explaining the 7P’s as well as the tools used for communicating and the stages of the strategies of the communication. This information was not new to me as currently during the module I am taking marketing and in the previous I was taught these things as well.


Subsequently Corrine put on a power point presentation which she stated was created by her what she started to talk about was ‘Branding’ what see talked about at the beginning was that with branding there is needed a communication strategy and a graphic designer if possible. And that with a branding it needs to create a unique message that has to be communicated for the brand, she showed us how brand logos are developed over time to fit trend or times, furthermore she showed us poor graphics which was the ‘London 2012’ logo.


Also she showed us that it is not just the image but also the character type used to type the lettering and when you put that all together with storytelling and advert like the one she showed us a communicated all the elements she had talked about.


For this lecture it has taught me that using branding means that it should communicate what your product or brand is and that it should tell a story as so to better help the customer gain a more interactive experience. Furthermore it has taught me that when branding everything is important that includes the logo, design and the lettering font, as any of this could detrimentally effect that perception towards the customer.

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