Bright Ideas Competition

This was part on the previous semesters assessment. We where given an idea to which we would pitch to 3 Dragon’s but what was ask of us more was that was to enter an idea into a competition and see if it would win though the point was not to win but to express our creative ideas.


I arrived early to the competition it self and for the remainder of the time till the presentation there were numerous tasks being done based on the idea helping to improve communication and the elevator pitch overall. The tasks that where involved consisted of meeting new people and providing an elevator pitch of ourselves from explaining a film we watch or an event that happened to us similar to what was done during the 1 semester of ENVD.


For me this help refreshed what I already know but would help me prepare should I need it what I found was very useful in doing the various activities that we where assigned as on a whole it helped improve the various skills of networking and communicating to people that I don’t even know but had little time to get to know them with only a few key facts.

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