Surgery for final report, guest judges review.

This I was nervous for it would not be like the actual Dragons presentation but it would give me an idea as to what flaws that haven’t been address could the Dragon’s see in this idea. What it consisted of was the group presenting their idea to the dragon that had volunteered their time to summarise their idea and look over and identify flaws.


For this I printed of the business plan that we as a group had completed and presented the idea to the Dragon this was under a 10 minute limit and was key in helping understand the format of what the assessment presentation might be like. For our I presented the idea and to my surprise received positive reviews about the idea with little or no criticisms of any flaws that their where, though it wasn’t too perfect with minor flaws being:

  • the need for an maintenance worker to fix damaged lockers,
  • the potential of linking with supermarkets with their ‘click and collect’ system,
  • and address the issue of the infrastructure for the deliver company on putting the items in the locker.


This for me were minor details which could easily be amened into the business plan itself, in addition I found that when summerising each group idea the dragon explain that my presentation and idea shows real value and potential for the company to actually work in a real life setting. This complement and other information I relaid to my other group members that where not present. But what I gain from this is that the planning needs to be intense and areas to be well looked over because the result would be a positive with few amendments to be made. But I also found out that I could take criticism and that I can easily be able to adjust the things that needs to be adjust with relative ease as things need to adapt because on the important viewpoint I had taken in.

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