Surgery for final report. Peer review.

This was a common theme running through all the modules this past couple of weeks. As when entering the lecture we where given an peer review sheet, in which we were to express our feelings on the module and both good and bad suggest improvements that could be made or areas to highlight that gave special identification to. This for me was interesting though in my opinion I don’t seem to think that most of the student take this serious and just generally are intrigued at adding things to which they think they would probably like or hate. This for me was of no concern and I felt that though this was a good way to identify issues like that we where to be told doing in the next lecture it was of a less of a priority for me as I only seek to finish the business plan to a most reasonably quality.


Afterwards Corrine talked about what we are doing now and afterwards from the course in terms of being and entrepreneur and drawing from what we have learnt to be applied in our current life. This for me started a philosophical turning point in the lecture where the discussion of ideas and imagination and feasibility left to go with the what are we doing in the future etc. This lead on to the speech by Clay Christensen who spoke at the Harvard Business School to students, Corrine read this to us and for me it got me thinking of the future. What really moved me was what Corrine explained to us about Clay Christensen and his life and the trouble that he had in it. This for me got me thinking a lot about life and its realities and the possibilities for the future that there are, it also got me addressing things that I have seen previously on Google+ by a photographer who had not gone through a dissimilar outlook on life.


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