Tell the class what you did last week. Instructions on the final report & presentation.

This for me was a little nervous none of my group where present for this and that I would have to be presenting and explaining my results from the 2 week experimentation all by myself. But my knowledge on the research that I had done and the fact that in the previous week I had spoken to members of my group on the sections that I would be talking about for that lecture made me a little confident.


What I was explaining for this was the key competitors that had been identified within the area of the market locker service and explaining how they are differentiated to us in providing a service. In addition I addressed the issue of the items being supplied to the locker identifying this as a key activities and resources stating also the facts and reasoning behind the assumptions that had been made the and solutions and how the model for us had to change. Furthermore looking and identification that the cost factoring would be an important part which would determine many things.


In my opinion I would have liked it if some effort was made on the part of my group members to come to the lecture but I understood that they have an inconvenient time to attend the lecture this for me was a comment noted by most of the people in the class that no one was in that space presenting with me. Moreover looking at the other groups I felt that the experiment I had conducted where inadequate in the other groups used power-point presentations, videos and website design to show what they had done within their 2 weeks, but for me it was just standing there in front of everyone summing up from some notes but that did not bother me and just made me more determined to finish the report properly .


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