Tell the class what you did last week.

This was a simple lecture where we had to explain and show the results that we had complied and the tests that we had done.


For our group what we did was that we used an questionnaire to identify certain areas on the business canvas and to also identify within them the cognitive, emotional and physical needs for the customer. What we then had to to is compile the results in the pictorial format so that it could be displayed to the class and then explained what this means and what assumptions we tested.


For us as a group the assumption that this was a key and valuable service had been proved correct and that we had identified an feasible idea while at the same time identifying the customer segments to which we would target any promotional/service material towards.


But in my opinion looking at the results if the experiment that the other groups had done seeing their research or explanations for changes it seemed to me that the effort put into or experiment was not much and possibly could have been more. In addition to the presentations Corrine also explained to class the method in properly conducting an questionnaire to which we had to take account of because of the effect it would have on the results gained from it which was quite informative for me and would help in any further designs should any more questionnaires be needed.


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