Test a section of your business model outside of class with your team.

This was another time in which we had to test a part of our business model canvas but instead of 1 week we had 2 weeks this allowed for twice the experimentation and allowed for the writing of the report to start the reason being that at some point this would have been need to be done and it was best to start now then to leave it to later.


What was decided in a few meetings was that each sections of the business canvas would be needed to be split up amongst each of the group to which the experiments would be jointly done but the write up would be singular. We also explain to each other that the experiments themselves would have to be different ans using the same test for each section would be pointless and would not identify the key themes of the section of the plan.


An additional task was set for the completion of the testing results for next lecture which was left up to me to complete this was instead of a questionnaire would be simple research and adaptation to how the locker service would work in identifying the key activities needed for the lockers to work.

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