Test a section of your business model outside of class with your team.

This was the first of many lectures in which we would have to test an area of the business model canvas outside the lecture itself this for us based on what Corrine told us would be the experimentation part of our business plan and would go towards proof of concept.


For our group this at first was hard to achieve the reason being that most of us had inadequate times in which we where available to meet, but when we did meet up we where able to design an structure for a questionnaire to define the feasibility of the idea. What we wanted from this questionnaire was to see what our customer segments would be and what they would want from the locker system in terms of value.


Furthermore we wanted to get an idea overall whether what I had suggested had been feasibility to begin with, this would be the foundation of future experiments and the overall starting point for creating the business plan and the writing up the report with proof of concept. What we thought for writing the questionnaire would be to ask the basic questions to identify the customer segment then this would lead on to the most relative and important questions which relate to the lockers themselves this would identify the value end of the business canvas. What we decided for the questionnaire was that each would be separated between each of the members of the group to which we would meet before and put together to which we would present to the class when it came to it.


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